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of the Healing Gardens in downtown. Patricia "Patsy" Brinton is the second daughter of Elizabeth Von Tobel and Kenneth Zahn. Saying Nevada was second in the nation in total crimes, memo included statistics such as violent and property crimes, number of officers on the force, and top ten city and state statistics for various crimes. First, the 1952 group of Pittsburgh women with young families named themselves the "Midnighters" because of work and family responsibilities they couldn't have their monthly social gatherings until late in the evenings. Drawbacks of economic and population growth. Subjects: Henderson, NV; Transcontinental Properties; Lake Las Vegas; Lake Las Vegas Resort; Carlton Adair; Bass Brothers; Bass Family; Lee Bass; Sid Bass; Ronald Boeddeker; Henry Gluck; Alton. Worked at the Stardust learning the casino business after college at UNR.


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Future of credit unions and Cumorah Credit Union itself. Yes 1 Burer, Suzanne Arnold Shaw Entertainment no 1 Burgwardt, Lestor OH-00297 Local Oral History Project-Roske Education, Navy, teacher in Henderson, Henderson, floods of 1954, Lake Mead, Downtown Las Vegas and early entertainment, Atomic Testing, National Science Institute, Las Vegas Convention Center. OH-00127 Local Oral History - Roske Printing business, early Las Vegas. Our Always Waterproof boots are 100 water-proof, guaranteed. Craddock is 93 years of age, a 1939 Golden Eaglette, and lifetime advocate for the real life benefits of being a Girl Scout. Barker discusses the church and its influence, socialization process, Westside street scene. In political science and. Yes 0 Brown, Hannah 12/1/2015 AfAm Collab Conducted by student. Collector: Seneca Anderson yes 1 Brockett, Marilyn. Yes 0 Chase, Richard. Quitting high school early, Peg was given a ride on a small plane and was smitten with flying. Yes 0 Curtis, Archie OH-00462 Local Oral History Project-Roske General Las Vegas History, Atomic Testing, Discrimination, Politics, UNR (University of Reno, Nevada Sports in High School, Boxing in the Olympics, Children in the Casinos, Hotels in 19, Bob Rose campaign. They were in awe, admired her even more, and now understood her naps during family gatherings. Yes 0 Eisenberg, Dorothy OH-02176 Oct 23, 2014 Southern Nevada Jewish Heritage Project Arrived in Las Vegas 1964 with husband Paul and children. Yes 1 Burns, George Arnold Shaw Entertainment. OH-02208 AfAm Student Project (Mechia Sydnor) Arrived in LV at 20 years of age, stationed at Nellis AFB. (E.J.) OH November 27 Public School Principalship Oral History Project Interviewed by Salvatore. Started the local Jewish Reporter. The 25 Sexiest Celebrity Cougars. Whom she dated: Lewis. Age difference: Six years he was 23, she was. How long it lasted: They dated for four years. Might be back on!

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No 0 Arkell, Donald. Subjects: Healing Garden, Jay Pleggenkuhle, Siegfried and Roy, Nevada State Museum, angel wings no 0 Anderson, Maceo (Dam.) OH-00041 03/15/1981 Local Oral History Project-Roske Blacks in performing arts, tap dance, schools Tape is damaged beyond repair; no transcript. No 0 Cunningham, Eldon. Linda designed homes in the West Charleston, Ward 1 area. Growth of an art community. OH-00059 Local Oral History Project-Roske Downtown Fremont, expansion, housing conditions, police and fire services, military and commercial plane disasters, water supply, local labor force. Yes 0 Edmond, Shirley. 1978 "current" issues: Equal Rights Amendment, Prostitution, Homosexually. Here, she founded the Comunidad rencontre naturiste com canada Panameña Las Vegas, a cultural group. Even today, they assemble for prayer at the family home. Northern Nevada and the 1918 global flu epidemic. Maurice shared memories of gangs coming into the neighborhood and attending high school and Rancho. He lists all those who worked so hard back in the sixties, like Jim Anderson, Charles Keller, Eleanor Walker and many others. He established a practice in Fallon, Nevada in 1977.

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